Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Selfie, Portrait and all my feet in KHOPAYAM, Ranong


I think this is the last photo set for this trips.

From restaurant at The Blue Sky Resort.

Walk way to The church on the water, Wat Khopayam

Stair to Buddha statute at Wat Khopayam.

At the Aow Yai

The pier behind my room

1, 2, 3 action! Rock body shot. ha ha

2 shots out of focus 

Sit on my ass at pier when tide down.

Sit down my ass at pier when tide up

I am always waiting you at the pier everyday. he he

But first Let's me take a Selfie!

One more shot in the room

at Aow Yai

one shot at the swing in front of resort.

walk way to room

3 shot, Selfie in front of the bathroom's mirror

at Aow Mook

Aow Mook.

To soak my feet at The public hot springs

At Phunyaban waterfall.

The last one at pier for fishing boat!

That's all for this trips. Happy trips and hope to see you again KHOPAYAM. 
See you guy!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday in November : Let's go to Ranong part 6


After we departed from KHOPAYAM, we arrived shore at the noon time Dum's friend drive a car pick up us to survey Ranong City. 

Hot Springs and Raksawarin Public Parks.

I recommended this place for Dum to soak the hot springs because of he has a backache.   

Red Vintage car and postbox, There are text and picture screen on there "Ranong city of 8 raining and 4 sun shining" Do you see that number on postbox? 

After Mr. Dum finished to soak at the hot springs we go to Poonyaban waterfall at Lamnamkraburi National Park.  

After that we go to this Ranong Berth.

Say 'Hi" to her.

After that we go to Ngao Mangrove Forest Research. Dum's friend ride bicycle bring us to visit his workplace.

Ranong province doesn't have a train station but in the war world 2 Japanese troops use this way to go to Burmar.  

View in front of Dum's friend home.

I love this place! Awesome! sunset view.

Viewpoint of Kow Far Shee

The end.

Finished the trip at here. we go back to Bangkok next day in the morning by bus same company that we came.

BYE see you next trips!