Monday, April 29, 2013

My trips @ Pranbury with my big family ^^)v

White sand and blue sea. I so happy to be here again



we have dinner at the market

So fun! swimming at the night time

In front of my house ^^)

Smiling from their reception Ha ha! I forgot who is the driving sheep with us last night

Our house ^^)

All around swimming pool day time

Sea view ^^)

Photo by Yashica EZ F521 and Fuji FP

Last year i and my mom just came here without my dad so this is Daddy's time ha ha. I think he will happy ^^)
For me it's amazing thing i can bring my family to here. They work hard many year ago so this is a good chance for him to take vacation here.

We departed from home around 08:00 a.m. My young drive car and my father is beside him me, my brother and my mom sit at the middle seat, back seat for twin brother and his girlfriend and one guest. We stop at Khoa Yoy at Petchabury for have breakfast for few minute and then continue go to Prajoub Kheereekhun ^^)v My mom is worry about trips's charge but i told her to calm down i can paid! she understand but i know she still worry about that. We arrive at ChanMaiHom Resort around noon time the room is not available for us they told room will finished around 2 O'clock so we decided to have launch at Khuw Jaew and look around there first

2 O' clock we come back to resort again now we can check-in we booked 4 room for this trips we agree to give 1 room for women, 2 room for men and another room for sweet couple ha ha.

Yeah!! party started!!

My mom go to market for buy something to cook. In the night time we have sea food party on the beach, THIS IS MY HAPPINESS... I still remember smiling people, laughing, and everything it happening that night  

After finished party on the beach we move to swimming pool, It's so crazy here i was thrown into the pool by young brother, Dammit ha ha! Funny&Crazy night!!

Good night!!

in the morning next day my mom and dad go to sea but i still hang over and no need to go to sea need to sleep more ha ha around 9 O'clock my brother wake me up for breakfast. so i wake up

Time to say good bye, we go home we check out and travel back to our home^^)

see you next trips

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Long leg!!

Photo by Yashica EZ F521

On the sunshine day i walked around helideck. nothing to do 'cause i finished my job in the night shift.

look GOOD in the picture it seem to be taller than  Ha ha!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time to act!! Ha ha

Be SuperMan (^^"

Behind a flower


Be smell 

Be full! can't to eat anymore ha ha (- -"

Become SuperHero Ha ha

Be cool with a new toy!

Be Smart in front of the frame!!

Photo by P' Anne's iPhone and Arifeen's Phone
Many thank both of you (^/\^)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My good memory at my grand mom's sweet home

farm in front of my grand mom's home

Sunset time

The door was opened, Welcome everybody 

the way from home to the road
Photo by Fuji

Every Holiday or my off the jobs i have to go to my grand mom's home, This's my promise i give to my Aunt and Grand mom.