Sunday, May 23, 2010

Croc farm and Million year stone park, Pattaya, Chonburi.

I was assignment by my aunt to take childent to see Pattaya.
I stay with my counsin night time we drink together and day time we go to Croc farm and Million year stone park. Let's see...

In addition to the Crocodile Farm and Zoo as well.

Million year stone park.

Photo by ixus55 +

Suratthani, 2nd time for me and my friends.

Wonderful place like heaven, wonderful trips. This is my the 2nd time to visit Suratthani.
Our group decide to go to Surat again, after last time we go to Kho SaMui and Kho PaNgan.

This trip, we planned to go to Cheiw Larn Dam to see Kui Lhin Thailand and Phu Pha and Lum Tharn Resort at Khao Sok.

No more talk, Let's see..

Around counter check-in @ Phu-Pha&Lum-Tharn Resort.
Viewpoint from counter check-in on top of resort.

Cart in front of our room.

A beauty road in front of our room.

Canvas bed around swimming pool and my friend.

It's just look like Lamp.

Swimming pool.

Viewpoint from swimming pool.

Another room.

My friend in pool

The resort is located among the orchards.

Floating resort at Cheiw Larn Dam

Photo by; ixus 55 +

My feet @ Phu-pha&Lum-tharn Resort, Suratthani

Last year, I and my co-work at Pailin went to Suratthani province. Actually this is the second time for me to visit this province. Beautyful resort like heaven on the earth. Recommend by Me!!

Photo by; ixus55 +

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Busy!! Please stndby

Oh shit!! What da' hell for me?

I have to be trainer for Mr. Nutt. I will teach him how to survive in Pailin L.Q. 'Cause ..bhla bhla 55 Next work schedule he will work alone. I'm a trainer!!

Hope to see you my blog!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Songkhla Province.

Songkhla is in southern of Thailand. A province between The seas and The gulf of Thailand. I talk about Amphur Meung. It has nice old structure zone, nice beach, nice people and more interest place. You should come to visit!

Some view from Suksomboon Hotel.

Songkhla old city wall.

Around Samilar Beach.

BP Samilar Hotel

Cat and Rat Modeled figure
Mermaid; Sign of Songkhla Town

Songkhla museum
And more picture will show next time..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My friend apartment at Songkhla

Before I go to work I'll come to my friend's room at Chaimongkol Apartment Soi4, Songkhla And when I back to shore I'll be here for sleep before get flight to Bangkok in next day. Sometime I stay here 2 or 3 day it depend on my business and my satisfied. Because of everything free no need to pay just sleep and clean it sometime and sometime I just return drink for him. Good place, nice people and near store. It's easy to find something to eat, to drink and you can find some girls here if you dare!! 555+

Friday, May 7, 2010

Antonov @ VTBU

Last month, I went to U-Tapao international Airport at Rayong. For take a bus to Lomsak.
My friend told me "Did you have digital camera?" That's Antonov 225 out there, She's parking.

He prepare follow me car for take me to parking zone.

Big one!! She has 6 engines, big wing, and amazing plane.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The island @ Trang

Last holliday I went to Trang with my friend.
We use the time to drink. Talk by its nature friends. The Concept of friendship tour family party 2010.
Indeed, it would be called the place was re drink more than a family tour.

I take this photo on boat during I go to Koh Mook..
feel good... Really good

Saturday, May 1, 2010

My feet @ Simila Beach, Songkhla

4 days ago, After I back from Trang. I took my brother with his girlfriend to see around Samila beach at Songkhla.

One foot shots, For my memorial.

Vintage Car @ My home(But it is not mine)

Years ago my neighbor was re took the car to a new color. He was re from blue to bright red, Then, I just bought a new mobile phone. So I have to try to play camera..

And Big thank for my brother, N' Pumm. For my models.