Friday, April 29, 2011

RIP Mr.Somchoke

Mr. Somchoke is a VIP in my home. When I get Car or Motorcycle he will run to me immediately. he need to belong with me everywhere, The market, The Super market that restricted area for all pets. All people will see him everytime when my mom or my dad go to market by cars or motorcycle. Specaially for motorcycle you will see him sit in front of the driver he sits like a human sit on motorcycle. ha ha pretty act with him.
From this picture, We are going to market. Mr. somchoke sats between my mom and my bro. He loves air blow to his face. Ha ha funny dog!

Last month, I call to my mom, she said Mr. Somchoke has dead by car. He ran into the road and then.... So when I go home next time I will never see you, Good bye my best friend, Somchoke. I alway missing you.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Room#413 @ Chai Mongkol Apartment

On my holliday if I don't went back to home I will stay with my friend at Songkhla. Slow life at here I don't need to wake up early(This is my holliday why I have to wake up early) Just leave myself to do everything that I need. Eating, Sleeping, Shopping, Drinking or Travelling I am free to do that.

From this picture, That day my friend got an accident, can not walk he has to standby on his bed only and bad weather at SKL also. So I have to take care him, provide food for him etc. Nothing to do for me after he take a pill and sleep. I sat at the terrace, Look outside and leave my mind with myself. I can remember that time I am so set up and confused about people around me. I look back what happened in this room when my friend stay at hospital about two weeks. Just one time, but it's still in my head. It's incorrect! Should not happened. That's my fault in this case, I can not to resist myself. I stop my thinking and take a picture. And tell myself forget about it, just keep it in mind that's all. Can not be true!

If I see you next time how can I told myself? Or just do everthing like nothing never happened between us! Hard to do but Have to.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great memory at Major Rungsit with lovely person And World Invasion.

That's a great time for me on five day ago. So tied from travelling but it's OK for me. It's OK to do something for someone who is waiting for me long time. No more waiting, I found the place, warm hug and everything that you do for me, I feel! and I can not to explain by word!

Is this Love? Maybe I falling in love? It's sure, no doubt. It's call Love.

I never be like this. Never miss who like this. Never be happy like this.

After I finished my job on last Thursday, I fly to shore and waiting for flight from NST to BKK. Two hours at Robinson Ocean and four hour at airport, totally six hour. it's So long time! But I don't need to wait anymore I try to change the ticket from 1900 to 1555 but It's so expensive, I have to pay additional about 3000 bath!! So I wait.

I arrive BKK around 2030 and get on taxi to Zeer someone waiting for me at there! I meet the one I waiting long time in front of Zeer. A bit conversation between you and me at Zeer. You khow what I really want to hug you, big hug on you but I can't 'Cause we are under looking from outside people.

From Zeer we take taxi to your place. and noodle is our sweet dinner!

Amazing night never been before. I alway be alone 30 years but that night I ...sleep in warm hug of someone! So happy! from that day I think my life is change.

You woke up early to go to work. I sent you at bus terminal and see you get on bus til the bus gone. I back to your room clean your room and your clothes. And waiting for you back again.

Around 5 O'clock you back! we went to the mall and cinema. We booked seat for the movies(World Invasion) and then we went to restaurant(Fuji) Special meal for us. your smile, your voice, your face, your word I can remember all.

All time with you is amazing time for me! Two hours in cinema great movies, great person beside me! If tomorrow I die, I am surrender.

Next day, I have to go back to NST for working. I don't know how long I keep you in my arms. I can't say anymore because we are woke up late and I don't wanna miss my flight. Quiet goodbye between you and me.

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